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Known Types of Diabetes

With the progress in the field of science, such medicines have been made which can be used for the treatment of more than one health problem. Such medicines can also be taken in the form of pairs to get desired results in short time. But it is important to note that every person should consult a professional and experienced doctor first before commencing the use of such medicines. Well, this is a general discussion but in this short article I am going to share my knowledge related to Diabetes. This health problem has increased very much all around the world. Every one person out of three is the victim of diabetes. What actually happens in a person who becomes victim of diabetes? Well, the diabetic patient cannot lead a healthy life like others because the glucose level does not remain normal. It either increases or decreases and thus it becomes difficult to maintain it. For those who do not know, I am going to discuss about three kinds of diabetes which are common in our people.

Treatment Type 2 Diabetes

Gestational diabetes

This diabetic type only show affects in women instead of in men. This happens due to the hormonal changes in female after pregnancy. Out of all kinds of diabetes, this kind is less dangerous. Those people who get this kind of diabetes hardly get to know that they are suffering with diabetes because it does not have any major symptom like others.

Autoimmune diabetes

This type is the most dangerous type because in this type, pancreas stops to produce insulin which is necessary to balance the level of glucose. Due to the lack of insulin, the sugar level of the person increases to a higher value and then it becomes difficult to control it. Such patients are advised to start taking insulin injection rather than medicines which are available on medical stores. There are many reasons for this kind of diabetes but mostly those people gets this kind whose parents are suffering with this problem. In other words, we can say that this kind of genetically inherited to children. The sudden feel of hunger and increasing number of times of urination are some of the known symptoms of getting this type of diabetes. The weight of the affected person can also increase in this type of problem.

The type 2 is also very harmful and it happens with either the body does not produce insulin in sufficient amount or it does not utilize it effectively in order to balance the level of glucose. Only a few teens usually get this type of diabetes. Many people may not know that this type is hereditary which transfer from parents to offspring.

Whatever the type of diabetes is, the person should always try to go for its treatment. This is considered in those health problems which can cause irreparable loss for the person. Many victims of diabetes lose their legs, arms and fingers due to the extreme affects on body.